National Screening Day


Digestive Specialists, P.A., is a single specialty gastroenterology and hepatology (liver disease) practice comprised of five physicians. We have served The Woodlands/North Houston areas since we opened in 1995. Our Board Certified doctors are experts in all aspects of their specialties including colon cancer screening procedures, treatment of GERD, inflammatory bowel disease, irritable bowel syndrome, and treatment of diseases of the liver, biliary system, and pancreas.

If you’re looking for advanced, comprehensive GI patient care, contact your primary care physician for referral to us or call us to inquire about an appointment.

Our location on Dotson Road (Willowbrook Office) is closing in April 2013. All patient inquiries should be directed to the main office, (936) 321-0033.


Adenoma Detection Rates Affect Colon Cancer Risk and Mortality 9/3/2015 : Routine colonoscopies play a vital role in colon cancer prevention, but experts say it isn't just the test itself that matters - it's the quality of the examination.  
Study Links Excess Sitting to Increased Anxiety 8/27/2015 : You might not want to sit down for this. Past studies have shown that people who sit too much are at increased risk for serious health problems including diabetes, heart disease and certain types of cancer.  
Gene Activation Could Reverse Colon Cancer 8/20/2015 : Could the human body be the strongest weapon against colon cancer?  
5 Tips for Managing IBS 8/13/2015 : The only thing worse than the pain and discomfort of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) is the embarrassment that goes along with it.  

Did You Know?

Nearly 75 percent of colon cancer cases have no prior family history and most have no symptoms.